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Quality Control

Quality makes business lasting. HQ constantly strives to exceed customers’ expectation in the durability and good performance. We guarantee the quality by our Total Quality Management (TQM).
We provide regular training for new and old employees, and make sure all workers are well trained, each station is operated by well skilled workers, each production process and workshop have professional engineers, inspiring them to avoid, find and solve any potential quality problem. We also accept any Third Party of Inspection appointed by our customers, such as TUV, DNV, BV, SGS and so on.
We have and keep importing new relative testing and inspection machines, such as: PMI detection equipment, tensile machines, impact testers, hardness testers, metallographic analyzers, digital UT flaw detectors, etc.
Quality assurance is carried throughout the process from the raw material purchasing to production, packing, storage and transportation. Every process strictly conforms to the ISO 9001:2000, and every testing and inspection according to the relative standards. Rigid quality control and inspection at all stages of manufacture ensure that our products are suitable for customer's intended application.

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